Business Spotlight: Hilo Bake Company

Business Spotlight: Hilo Bake Company
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Hilo Bake Company

Locally owned and operated, Hilo Bake Company opened its doors in 2012.  The bakery sells a variety of products from homemade apple turnovers to sweet mango kolaches and delicious cream buns.  For lunch Chef Coen serves up deli sandwiches to original pizza creations and the now island favorite smokin’ moco – a serving of ono smoke meat and onions with a house aioli sauce, over a bed of rice, topped with an egg.

Chef Coen Murashige admits that baking has always been a passion of his.

“I always loved to bake.  I went to Le Cordon Bleu in Oregon and received an associates degree in culinary arts.  I later went back to school for baking, went to work in the mainland for awhile and then decided to come home to open my own bakery.”

He admits, however, that opening a business on the Big Island wasn’t all cupcakes when he first started.

“It was tough.  Lot’s of early mornings just getting the place prepared for opening.  I put in so much time physically laying tile, painting and even replacing some of the drywall.  I‘m very fortunate that I had friends and family who were ready and willing to help me fulfuill my dream.”

And while it was challenging at first, working for himself has been well worth it, “It’s my crowning achievement up to this point in my life.  There’s nothing like making people happy when they try my desserts. And when they keep coming back to the point of being regulars, that really takes the cake for me.”

Recently, chef Coen has successfully opened his own food truck called the Angry Bull that serves burgers and plate lunches up at Pohakuloa.  So, is there more in store for the Big Island chef?

“You’ll have to wait and see,” he says.

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The Hilo Bake Company opens Monday – Friday from 6am to 2pm and Saturday from 7a to 12pm.  If you’re up early, you may be lucky enough to catch the bakery’s signature item – the Maple Bacon Donut.  It’s the perfect balance of soft, sweet and salty in one dessert. They run out quickly so get there early.  But, if you don’t get there in time, there’s definitely something there to complement your morning coffee. Visit them at 399 E. Kawili Street in Hilo and experience the sweetness of Hilo Bake Company.

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